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BETTY LAMP, Reproduction

BETTY LAMP, Reproduction

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Oh how beautiful!  And the history of the lamp is so very interesting.  This reproduction piece is the perfect addition to your home.  11"x 7"x 6.5".  Decoration only!  Imported

The Betty Lamp is one of the earliest lamp styles and dates back to the Mayflower.  The shallow, covered trough holds the oil, traditionally whale or lard.  The wick lays in oil and sticks out of the spout for lighting.  The top of the chain had a hook for hanging, and the bottom piece was used for digging the wick out of the trough when it burned too low.  The bottom of the lamp was for stability and also for catching any drips of hot oil.  This rustic antique reproduction Betty lamp is made of tin and is for display or decorative purposes only.  This is a new but distressed item, and may come with a few rust spots and rustic construction as it is an antique reproduction.

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