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Ornament, Felt Mini, SPARROW

Ornament, Felt Mini, SPARROW

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Hello Mister Sparrow...created in beautiful browns, white and black, felted from pure natural wool from New Zealand. Uniquely hand crafted in Nepal. Measures about 2"x 3.5" hang as an ornament add a stick and use as a flower "poke" or a bowl filler when hang tag is removed.

 WORLD FAIRE TRADE ORGANIZATION...Gry & Sif represents the combination of Scandinavian design and Nepalese felt craftsmanship. The woolen universe is designed in Denmark, and uniquely handmade in Nepal from natural wool from New Zealand.   GUARANTEED FAIRvTRADE CERTIFIED Gry & Sif is proud to be a part of the global community of businesses that exist to put people and planet first. 

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